10th Adventure: It is but a beginning.

Hey ladies and gentlemen, and everyone else. This will be the last thing that I shall write for my blog, which if you recall I began for my Multimedia Journalism Class. It has been a blast taking on something new every week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For those of you interested this will be the last entry in this blog, but it won’t be the end of my adventures, but more about that at the end of the post.

It started a couple of months ago, this blog, when I was told that I will be writing a blog and that I needed a specific subject for it. Adventures, I decided. However then I was also told to come up with a question to go along with the blog, something which I ought to answer through progressing with it. And I came up with this.

How far will I go?

Pretty damn far. I met so many people. Each one with their own little adventures. I don’t mean just their unusual or exciting activities (the definition I chose for “adventure”), I mean their lives, the way they got to the point where they are. The stories I got told while talking to them about freestyle longboarding, or about fire spinning, or about walking in random direction, or cliff-diving, or dirt-biking, or about snowboarding, indoor and outdoor mountain climbing, sword fighting (I had some backup blog subjects). Those stories were their lives, or at least parts of them. Those were their actual adventures.

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Life is an adventure whether I like it or not. It doesn’t have to exciting or unusual of fun all the time. However, more often than not, it will be, whether you like it or not. That’s awesome.

Every time I heard a new story I felt the urge to go out and try it. I felt a force that just makes me go out and experience life in a new way. And I got to say that I have noticed that besides all the little new things I’ve learned and experienced throughout the current semester, I’ve also become a little bit more inclined to go on an actual adventure. To do stuff I’d never do before, just because. Well, not just because, but because it’s fun.

Life is an adventure. Hopefully , I’ve got a lot more life left.

I did learn a lot of course. How to film, how to interview, sound recording and both video and audio editing. Used a whole bunch of useless tools on the internet. How to tweet of course… I got 200 followers on twitter which is cool. Kinda hate twitter now… I did also learn how to use thinglink. It lets you put links on pictures. I also used storify, which lets you built up a story from different links and social media

I’d like to of course thanks everyone who helped me by being interviewed.

…it’s an extremely beautiful art, it’s a combination of dance movement, with the movement of fire.

It’s exciting because it’s dangerous.

And then, there are raves.

going balls-deep into nature

I saw some deer. Deer are cool.

The only limits he says, that one can encounter are those of one’s body and one’s mind and those can always be pushed futher.

The feeling that you get is simply, simply so fucking epic.

It’s the rush for living


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9th Adventure: Second Parts.

If you’ve been following this blog since the start or perhaps if you’ve just scrolled far enough, you’ll see that some of the first adventure posts have “part 1” after their main title. “Why is that?” some might ask. It is because I planned that certain posts will have a part two. A second part which is no longer about someone else, but it is my own personal experience with this adventure after the post has been written. And that is exactly what I’ll be writing about today, about continuations.

First of all you better remind yourself of all previous adventuring first. So here is a nice simple link list for you to use:
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2nd Adventure: Going downhill. Part 1
3rd Adventure: Molly, Molly, Molly… Part 1
4th Adventure: Deep, deep in the woods. Part 1
5th Adventure: Walking in a random direction. Part 1

Turning up the heat. Part 2.

Honestly I was doing poi before I met Lora and the other people with whom we eventually established Brisingr (AUBG’s fire club), however I only started doing fire poi with them. And aside from the significant progress I had in improving my skills in single poi, they even taught me regular double poi and I took on the meteor poi. A did get a couple of burns and bruises over the course of learning all this, but I have to say. It has been amazing. Dancing with the fire is simply mesmerizing. It can leave you completely and utterly speachless, as long as you don’t set yourself on fire of course. Honestly the only reason why I would stop spinning fire is if I lose control over both of my arms. I too, like my interviewee, am telling you, try poi, it is an amazing flow art, it is beautifull and hot as fuck.


Going Downhill. Part 2.

Now I must say my longboarding skills before the post were minimal. Infact as it turned out I did not know the proper way to stop. Now I have improved drastically. For instance I actually know how to stop, properly. That I have discovered is an important skill especially since that time when I managed to stop the bard by getting my shirt stuck underneath the wheels which resulted in the wheels ripping my shirt a few new holes. I have also discovered that unlike Lera who skates without protective gear, I am a big fan of that shit. Stay safe kids, skate with helmets and whatever you need. Kneepads. Whatever. However all that aside, the moment you go down a hill, wind blowing through your helmet, the asphalt centimeters beneath you, you feel free. That’s the only way I can describe it honestly. This just overwhelming feeling of freedom.


Molly, Molly, Molly. Part 2.

Drugs may or may not be fun. I have yet to go to a proper rave party. Drugs are illegal, so don’t get caught.


Deep deep in the woods. Part 2.

Okay so, I was not a big fan of the woods before as there was simply too much nature for me. Don’t get me wrong I like nature, it moderate amounts. Now after that post, after a short adventure in the woods… i feel absolutely the same. I got lost. I hurt my knee. My legs were all tired after that. I got dirt on my shoes. Ugh… I don’t think hiking or whatever is really my thing, however as facts suggest I am not everyone. So if you feel like you might enjoy it, I’d say give it a shot. At least the squirrels were cute.


Walking in a random direction. Part 2.

Now this thing. This one I enjoyed much more than the finding-your-way-out-of-the-fucking-forest adventure. I did keep my random walking urban I must say. But that is how I like my walks. If it’s gotta be nature-ish I still prefer parks and similar places. The type of places that were build by humans, but with nature in mind. I like those places, those are nice places. Anyway walking around the city of Blagoevgrad and the city of Varna have been my passtimes many many times, but I must admit I prefer being by myself. It’s a nice way to be left with your mind in peace. It’s cool. If you ever need to clear your head I strongly reccomend it, a random walk in the city.

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8th Adventure: Head first into deep waters.

Hello dear readers. I am almost certain all of you should be familiar with the concept of jumping. Jumping consists of two parts. The first part is getting into the air. The second part is going back down. Some persons use trampolines, other use spring shoes to go into the air. Other are a bit more technologically advanced and use jetpacks, planes, helicopters. Of course more than always getting into the air is the easy part of the jump, getting down is the one that can kill you. See falling from various heights can result in various injuries. For instance one could die. That sucks. You know what else sucks – vast amounts of water. That thing slows you down, it can drown you, and it can even contain lots and lots of things that consider the human food.

I don’t like water.

I’ve almost drowned a couple of times.

It isn’t fun.

So because of all that today’s topic is very interesting. It’s about cliff-diving. Or as I like to call it. Throwing yourself from a very high place into a less high place that wants to kill me.

For those of you unfamiliar with the subject of cliff-diving, or if you’ve perhaps been confused by my long and weird banter, I shall elaborate what cliff-diving is as simply as possible. It is jumping from a high surface (usually a rock) into water, after which you swim up and get to shore.


This is Bo.

Boyana Yordanova, 21, from Stara Zagora Bulgaria has been cliff diving for 6 years now and is, thankfully for me as otherwise I’d have nothing to write about, a cliff-diving survivor. Boyana, or as her friends call her, Bo, is a student of European Studies and Political Science in the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). She has interesting hobbies such as drinking, art-ing and singing, and also diving head-first into water.


This is a cliff-diver. If you place close attention you can see the size oh his insanity.

Several years ago on a family vacation, upon seeing a “shallow cliff“she had the brilliant idea that diving from it would be a good idea. She did it, liked it, took on the hobby. For one to be a cliff diver one first has to be a good swimmer, then one has to a confident swimmer. Fucking up mid fall results in you dying. So confidence is important. Bo says that diving gives you the feeling that you’re about to die, but then you don’t, and the adrenaline rush is so amazing and extreme it’s like being on drugs.

“It’s the rush for living”

When it comes to the danger level, as mentioned a couple of times earlier, cliff-diving kills. Well not every time naturally, but sometimes. Bo says that the danger level increases depending on the person’s skills and their environment. If anything the environment is more important than the skills. You have to be careful in what you dive in. You have to ensure there is enough water for you to fall in and also not enough sharp and pointy things in the bottom that can impale you as you fall.

Bo says she recommends it to people who like adrenaline fueling sports and says that it is similar to sky-diving, however more intimate. It is great for people who enjoy swimming and the falling of water on their skin and also “the feeling of an extreme extreme adrenaline rush that just wakes [you] up.”

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7th Adventure: Bike Riding Potato.

Bikes are fun. Unless you fall and die. There are numerous ways in which one can kill themselves while on a bike. You can get hit by a car, or you can be shot, although that technically can be done always, no matter what you’re using to move. Mostly though, people get hurt on bikes from falling, so you’d think most would try to do everything not to fall from a bike. Well, no. There’s that wonderful bunch of… individuals… that decide that dirt biking is a good idea.

I, myself have never tried, as it involves, stupid danger, it’s very fucking messy, expensive and nature. Thank God, though a friend of mine is stupid enough to have done it. For long periods of time. Nikola Nikolov, 21, a fellow student from the American University in Bulgaria, who despite having dealt with dirt biking, is majoring in COS and INF.

“The feeling that you get is simply, simply so fucking epic.”

So Nikola, or as his friends call him “potato” because of an incident during presentation in exposition, thinks that dirt biking is phenomenal. The adrenaline rush you get while going down (pun not intended, but he-he) and knowing that at any given second you can fall down, and fuck yourself up really quickly. So obviously dirt biking covers the prerequisite of danger in the definition of adventure (for references look at first post).


He recalls that there aren’t that many occasions on which he harmed himself, however, aside from the few minor scratches and brusises, one time he managed to scrape the sking of his arm enough to be able to see the bone underneath. That sucked. Also wrecking his bike in the process and being forced to go back home on foot, his arm still severely severed.

He remember riding bike almost all his life, but at some point in his tenth grade in highschool he realized that going on dirt tracks after rain, was just so much fun. So with those three years of dirt biking behind him (he had to stop due to bike-lesness in University) he says that overall it was awesome, despite all the self-health and bike-health issues.

“A fantastic way to relax, because going at that speed, the only thing you concentrate on is not crashing in a tree.”

It is strongly recommended by Nikola, as something which you gotta try at least once, if you know, you are willing to get hurt a bit, at least a little.

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So today in class we learned about Storify, which is a nifty little website which lets you share a story which you create out of Social Media stuff. Now what I mean is that it lets you grab posts, shares, tweets, pictures, videos everything you want from different social media and put it together in a single post. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Getty Images, Flickr, Instagram, Google, Gif, App.net, Giphy, Sound Cloud, Zemanta, Disqus, StockTwits, Tumblr, RSS feeds and even Storify itself. Now I haven’t hear of most of those social media so basically storify lets you combine a lot of stuff.

I used Storify in combination with twitter to make a short story about the Comet Landing which took place today around 3pm, +2 GMT.

You can read the whole thing right here. This below is but an example.


After that we were introduced to a very interesting and fun Fun FUN website called thinglink. It allows the user to upload a photo and add different interactive links on it. Below you can see an example which I made for class purposes and for fun Fun FUN!


Click for interactiveness.

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6th Adventure: Jumping over obstacles.

Movement is an essential part of our lives. Without movement we would neither be able to go to the fridge and make a sandwich (which would result in our ultimate death because of starvation) or go to the bathroom (which would result in a puddle). Please look at the SIMS franchise for examples. Movement can also be fun, and exciting, and dangerous and I’m not even talking unprotected sex. I’m talking about freerun and about parkour.

There are numerous ways to get from point A to point B, some include different forms of transportation. Driving a car, or a motorbike, or using public transport. Others use skateboards, or longboards, or bikes, rollers skates, or whatever. Some ride horses, or get on hot air balloons, point is there are so many different ways to get from point A to point B. However, the first most popular and oldest form of getting from A to B remains simply using one’s feet.

Parkour originated in France from basic obstacle course maneuvering. Often it is abbreviated as PK or it is called l’art du déplacement, which in English translates as “the art of movement.” The simplest way it’s goal can be as explained is as follows: getting from point A as fast as possible to point B. PK works in both rural (nature, branches, rocks, dirt piles, etc.) and urban (buildings, rooftops, walls, balconies, etc.) environment.

Parkour is more than a form of transportation, ask any practitioner and they will say it is about training your body, but also about training your mind and soul. Some of the feats people do with Parkour are simply astounding and seem inhuman. But for those, I’ll just link you to some videos.

Freerun is similar to PK, with the small difference that it is about expression via the movement of the body. To put it bluntly, it looks flashier. People train freerun so that they can be able to look awesome and to be able to express themselves via running, jumping and various tricks. It is in no way easier or inferior to Parkour, it is simply different (but definitely less efficient).

Traceurs (male practitioners of Parkour), traceuses (female practitioners of Parkour) and freeruners (practitioners of Freerun) all have one thing in common. They move really fast when they want to, and it looks really cool.


Stefko Stefkov, he’s the dumb looking fella on the left.

Stefko Stefkov is a 24 year old male from Varna Bulgaria. He has been doing Parkour and Freerun for several years with his friends and also happens to have climbed out of the same person as I have. By which I mean we are brothers. He is currently studies Agricultural Economics in Varna, he also practices and teaches break dancing as well street dancing and hip hop for charity. One of his greatest achievements in the world of Parkour, I’d personally say is that Damien Walters (Big Guy in the Freerun/PK world) took a picture with a picture of my Brother, the picture is currently unavailable, I’ll have to fish it out someday.


Click on it for interactiveness on thinglink.com

In his years of freerunning around Varna and Bulgaria he has been hurt only a couple of times. A broken arm here and there, or a finger, one time a broken nose, however nothing too serious. Having this in mind he does share that Parkour can be a dangerous sport, especially if one doesnt know what s/he is doing. He does support the philopsohy of PK saying that it is more than just a sport. Do keep in mind that Parkour is not competative wheras freeruning is.

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He has taught me a little bit of parkour a couple of years ago, just enough to be able to get by in the city if I’m in a hurry. So I can aprrove of his words, when he says that the feeling that you get when you are capable of freely moving through almost any obstacle and environment, quickly, efficently, is absolutely amazing. The only limits he says, that one can encounter are those of one’s body and one’s mind and those can always be pushed futher.

This is basically the story of Parkour.

Thanks for reading.

My Bro’s Traceur friends in Sofia:

The adventures so far…

Here we go again.

I have gone through quite a bit of interesting stuff so far this semester.

My last adventure was dealing with technical difficulties to get this thing post up and running, but for that you can read in my other blog. However, my first adventure, it started with a spark. Then there was a flame. Then there was a bigger flame and the bigger flame was on the end of a chain. For those of you who have no idea what i’m talking about follow this link.

…it’s an extremely beautiful art, it’s a combination of dance movement, with the movement of fire.

I am talking about fire poi. After that I took the road (please play this song for appropriate background music while reading). I’m talking about downhill and freestyle longboarding. Very fun and also at times very dangerous sport, however as Valeriya says,

It’s exciting because it’s dangerous.

I did get scraped a bit while trying it out. The week after I decided to take on rave partying and hard drugs. I may or may not have done drugs, for some reason I feel like I’m not suppose to say it directly. I look forward to the complete experience with music and dancing and everything. But Friend managed to put it into words better than I did:

The entire atmosphere works for you, I guess the drugs help.

After that fun experience I learned how to do a 5 shot video and I did so many of those for future posts that I kinda hate them now. I do however, not yet completely hate hiking. Although I had a short experience of getting lost in the woods I managed to get out of that alive, completely okay and, of course, more experienced.

The last little adventure was with Sasha, who showed me how he takes absolutely random walks with no goal in mind. Most often they would end with him finding interesting thrift shops and sometimes they would end with him ending up in different cities. For me it was the first and now I am the proud owner of a few ties, new belt and a Swedish bandanna.

But aside from the burns, the scratches, the finding-myself-lost-in-the-fucking-woods and the new items of clothing I acquired I also met people. All of them interesting all of them having something fun and intriguing to say. To be frank this adventure has been fun so far, I acquired a whole bunch of skills and hobbies and friends. Can’t wait to see what exactly the rest of the semester will bring.

Well, you can actually hear a little spoiler in the movie below but that’s all I’m gonna reveal, you’re just gonna have to keep reading the blog and see for yourself.

Thanks for reading.